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Why Schedule a Yearly Family Photo session?

There are a lot of reasons to book a yearly family photo session, and I don’t just say that because I’m a photographer. I really do think getting yearly photos can have so many benefits, which I will explain in this blog post.

We are always changing

Changes might be the biggest reason to have a yearly family photo session. Our kids are constantly growing, their faces change, they get taller, teeth fall out, or hair gets cut… just so many changes are always happening! My hope is that you will preserve those memories in the form of photos.

Different seasons, get different photos

So many families wait around until the fall to book their photo sessions, but if you are booking family photos yearly, you should definitely try out some different seasons! If you’re here in Missouri, then you know how beautiful it can be here year-round. The spring is gorgeous for lots of greenery and flowers, summer has wildflowers all over and overgrown fields, and winter can be super fun in the snow.  Change it up every year and get a variety of looks for your walls! Which brings me to my next reason…

Update the photos on your walls

Another reason for a yearly family photo session is to update the photos that are hanging up in your home. I suggest having a large family photo as a focal point that is replaced every couple of years. A really great way to show off your yearly family photos is to create a gallery wall that shows the progression of your family each year. Hang up one photo from each of your photo session and make sure to leave room to add onto it yearly. You and your family will love looking at how much you’ve changed!

Create a new family tradition

Making your own family traditions is so exciting, and as long as you choose a photographer who makes the session fun, your kids will practically beg you to make a yearly family photo session your new tradition. You get to spend time giving your kids tons of attention, playing with them, maybe exploring nature a bit… and then after the session you can extend the fun by going out for a treat!

Trying to take photos of your own kids can be a hassle

I left this one for the end because it’s my favorite reason to schedule a yearly family photo session. If you’ve ever tried to photograph your own kids, you know what I mean. Kids sometimes just don’t listen as well for people that they know really well, and I know that I personally can get frustrated with my own kids when I try and photograph them. I can’t help it! I have all these amazing ideas and I really want to capture that perfect shot, and they are not having any of it.

But when there’s someone new behind the camera, it can make things go smoother! Having someone who knows what they’re doing BEHIND the camera produces significantly better results. They know how to get the right expressions and interactions. They know what to say, what angles look best, how to get the kids having fun, and great candid shots.

I want the whole family to not worry about a thing and to just have fun! When you have the right photographer, they will encourage you to relax and enjoy your kids and not to discipline them. I encourage my clients to go with the flow and not worry about your kids “being good” because sometimes those photos of your kids running wild are the best!

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