When should you schedule your newborn photo session? | Columbia MO Newborn Photography

New mom? First child, second child, or even the fifth? Still a little ways from the due date? Having your newborn photos taken is very exciting regardless where you are at in your motherhood. There are some many things happening all at once, that you may be wondering when you should schedule your newborn photo session.

I want to answer a few common questions I hear to help you along with the process.

How old does my baby need to be for their newborn photo session?

Some photographers want you to have the photos taken in the first two weeks of life, I’m open to that, but we can still capture beautiful moments weeks or even months later.

My style of newborn photography is called, Lifestyle Photography. This means I will be doing very little posing, which means that the baby does not need to be super sleepy, as they are in the first two weeks, for their photos.

I think babies are perfect just the way they are and I am happy to do a newborn style session at any age. That being said, they do change and grow very quickly in the first weeks of life. I recommend trying to get the session scheduled before the baby is three months old, just to capture that newborn sweetness.

When should I schedule my newborn photo session?

Most of my expecting parents inquire while they are still pregnant. I then place your due date on my calendar and wait for you to email me after the baby is born. At that time we pick a date that works best for you. However, it is never too late to reach out. So, if baby is already born, simply contact me and I will get you booked.

To me, perfect newborn poses and specific ages aren’t important. Newborns are beautiful just the way they are. The process of hiring a newborn photographer should be pleasant and seamless. I can’t wait to capture your family during this special time.

Here are some sample photos of one of my session sweet baby Levi just a little over a week old.

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