What Is Lifestyle Photography? | Columbia MO Family Lifestyle Photographer

The term “lifestyle”

When asked what kind of photography that I do, I typically say, “I’m a lifestyle photographer.” I want to talk a little bit about the term “Lifestyle” since it is one that is quite often thrown around in the world of photography, if you’re not a photographer, you might not have any idea what this even means. As I mentioned, this is what I use to describe my work, so I’m going to break it down for you and explain what exactly is lifestyle photography!

What is “lifestyle Photography”?

Lifestyle photography falls somewhere in between traditional portrait photography, which is more staged and posed, and documentary photography which isn’t posed at all.

Lifestyle photographs typically captures the essence of the people you are photographing, really capturing a little piece of their humanity. It often includes movement, loving gestures, and often environmental storytelling.

Lifestyle photography means that you are going beyond stiff and boring portraiture to capture the true personality behind the humans you are capturing. The subjects are allowed to be themselves which helps tell their story, and shows people who they are.

Why should you hire a Lifestyle Photographer?

  • If you’re looking for photos that tell the story of your family and life,
  • If cuddling with your family and having photos that show your relationships with each of your family members sounds like something you would love to display in your home,
  • Or, if you crave photos that show genuine laughter, fun, and interaction between your family…

then lifestyle photography is going to be right for you.

Ready to book your lifestyle session?

I love doing lifestyle photography, especially with open windows or out in a nice sunset. If you’ve read this post, then you probably have a good idea if my personality is going to fit with your family or not. If I’m the lifestyle photographer you’ve been looking for, then I would love to photograph your family! Head on over to my pricing page. I hope to see you soon!

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