Merry Christmas!

Originally wanted to have this done by Christmas, but life happened, so I’m a couple days late!
I saw this trend going around and I just HAD to create my own! It’s so fun!
I plan on getting a big print made and using it as a Christmas decoration. It’ll be so sweet to bring out every year as the years go by and the kids get older.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Becker Family – September 2019

What a sweet family! Their little one was so excited and just wanted run around this whole new place he’s never been to before. Lol! It was so cute. As parents we know we sometimes just have to go with it and take hundreds of photos hoping to get at least a few that turned out okay….that’s what I did and I am pleased with what I captured!

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Customer Review

Veronica – May 2019

This beautiful, little lady was so fun to photograph! After a few reschedules due to weather, we were finally able to squeeze in a quick session. I was so happy that I got to put some of my props to good use, too!

Check out the whole album on Facebook. To inquire a chidren’s photo shoot please contact me.